Listen: Side Door at the Palladium: The Nate Najar Trio, “From Europe with Love”

(L-R) Nate Najar, Alejandro Arenas and Eddie Metz. Photo montage by Steve Splane/WUSF.

If you missed the broadcast of the Nate Najar Trio performing “From Europe With Love on our monthly series “Side Door at the Palladium,”  you can click above to listen now!

The concert featured Nate Najar on guitar, Eddie Metz on drums and Alejandro Arenas on bass.

The performance was recorded at the The Palladium at St. Petersburg College in May of 2014, shortly after Najar had returned from a European tour.

“Side Door at the Palladium” airs the first Friday of the month as a special edition of our Jazz Trip@Ten.

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